Your board is personal and we try to meet every request to make it very special.

Based on the frequency of special request we’ve made a top list of the most demanded options. You’ll find a reference of those popular items in the “request an offer” form . Any other specific wish can of course be considered.

Base (bracket)


Your special designed base is made out of thick marine stainless steel (316) and can be provided in 3 different heights 4 – 8 – 12 inch.


Although this is of course a 100 % natural product we can change the color by pickling it with the right stain. This way you’ll get a perfect fit in your pool environment. You might consider to check the following link in order to see boards displayed in their habitat. 




Your cover is made out of DRALON, a special material that helps your board to breath and so avoids moisture and UV radiation to affect the condition of your board. It is handmade in our workshop to ensure the perfect fit on your custom made board. Click here for the 2020 colours.


Limited Editions


Every year Mikel still makes 200 boards personally. They are numbered and guarantee the originality of your board. Read more

Discrete service

For those customers who want extra discretion on the information they share we have the possibility to provide a service by which only Mikel Tube is aware of the identity of our customer and will personally protect the information that goes with it.  This service implies the purchase of a limited edition board. Read more




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