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Counterfeit is a plague ! We know that our product is encouraging counterfeiters all over the world, so we tried to coop with that problem. Not because we don’t want others to make ultimate Diving Boards.

No, we want You to have the board you’re expecting. Therefore the company worked out a strategy based on three axes : MWID – Registration – SBL

Mikel Tube (Founder)

Counterfeit department confidential contact :



Every board has a tag in mirror writing. It is situated under the board and can be read by the owner by simply putting a small mirror on the soil in front of the tag. This tag gives you a code that will enable us to give you information on the origin of the wood, the date of production, the GBF, the reseller, the previous owner and other specifications so that both you and us can be reassured on the safety of the product. Remember, only a board from Mikel Tube will fully respond to your expectations. Thats why MWID  (or Mirror Writing Identification) was set up.

Registration :

We encourage every customer to do his own registration. In doing so, you will receive the information we normally process through the MWID and will give you the guarantee that the product you’ve bought is a real Mikel Tube ! Furthermore, our guarantee (on the wood) is depending on your registration. We will indeed help you to remind the minimum of maintenance that is obliged to benefit from guarantee in order to avoid misunderstandings.


SBL stands for Secret Back Log, and since it’s secret, we will not communicate on the subject over the internet.

DESIGN Los Angeles



How it’s made

Global Bending

140214_0064_Wooden_Diving_Boards_Photo_Toddy Your Mikel Tube Wooden Diving Board can take in account the weight of the usual divers. The board can be customized so that you will enjoy the ultimate bending in relation with your personal weight.

Anti slip slots

Wooden Diving Boards art Standard your diving board is pickled and waxed. The barefoot touch on this wood gives a nice and firm feeling. The top of the board is made rough by special designed slots to assure great push off stability.  
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