How to choose a diving board

5 tips :

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  1. Check if your pool meets the requirements to have a board installed. You should verify with national standards (for example in US, the ANSI/APSP national standards or alarm deposition in France)
  2. Check the construction of your deck, the number of attachments will depend on the solidity of your deck and its foundation
  3. Check the average weight of your divers, in order to have perfect spring for every diver a standard has to be set.
  4. Compare your input with the models available on the market (3 to 8 anchor points,150 to 400 lbs, different materials)
  5. Finally check aesthetics, nobody wants to ruin a 50.000 + pool with an ugly board.


For your information : Mikel Tube ®

  • 8 anchor points base to deck
  • 9 fixations board to base
  • 316 marine stainless steel base suitable for chlorine and salt
  • 200 – 300 lbs
  • natural tropical hard wood

If questions remain on how to choose a diving board, do not hesitate to contact me


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