Olympic Diving Boards

Olympic diving boards ad spectacle to the games. They have always been inspiring for Mikel Tube ®

and his products are a tribute to the most famous swan dives or angel dives as we call it here in Europe.

Beverly Stevenson

140214_0023_Wooden_Diving_Boards_Photo_ToddyMore tributes on twitter

DESIGN Los Angeles



How it’s made

Global Bending

140214_0064_Wooden_Diving_Boards_Photo_Toddy Your Mikel Tube Wooden Diving Board can take in account the weight of the usual divers. The board can be customized so that you will enjoy the ultimate bending in relation with your personal weight.

Anti slip slots

Wooden Diving Boards art Standard your diving board is pickled and waxed. The barefoot touch on this wood gives a nice and firm feeling. The top of the board is made rough by special designed slots to assure great push off stability.  
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