Safe Diving



FIVE FINGER RULE:140214_0064_Wooden_Diving_Boards_Photo_Toddy


Thumb: Check the pool (shape and depth)

Forefinger: Check for objects (up and down)

Middle finger: Plan your dive path (in and out)

Ring finger: Spring (test the spring)

Pink : Jump in deep first (first time)



  1. Know the water’s depth and the shape of the pool bottom including the upslope.
  2. Check for objects at the bottom of the pool and remove them including objects that can obstruct safe diving on the surface. Even small objects look bigger under water and can disorientate people that are not used to dive, especially children.
  3. Plan your dive path. Always make a shallow dive and steer up. You’ll see that shallow diving is an art and gives the most satisfaction.
  4. Test the board for spring first before taking a jump into the pool! Walk towards the top of the board, feel its instability (it bends), learn how it reacts on small jumps first.
  5. Jump in deep first in any pool you do not know.
  6. Before you dive, you want to plan your dive path, so you are going to visualize ‘where you are going in the water?’, ‘how you are going to take a shallow dive?’ and by steering up, ‘where you will come out of the water?’, ‘Is there enough space?’, ‘Is there anybody in your dive path?’, ‘Is there an object that could hinder your movement?’
  7. Place your feet at the top of the board, keep your legs together and let your toes exceed the board for better grip, put your arms above your head to protect it, keep your stomach tight, bend over and dive.
  8. Never dive into shallow water, that’s where most accidents occur.
  9. Don’t dive off the side of the board. Don’t risk hitting your head on the side of the pool. Always dive straight ahead.
  10. Don’t run and dive.
  11. Don’t do a fat dive or fancy dive. Keep the dive simple.
  12. Always dive away from the board.

DESIGN Los Angeles



How it’s made

Global Bending

140214_0064_Wooden_Diving_Boards_Photo_Toddy Your Mikel Tube Wooden Diving Board can take in account the weight of the usual divers. The board can be customized so that you will enjoy the ultimate bending in relation with your personal weight.

Anti slip slots

Wooden Diving Boards art Standard your diving board is pickled and waxed. The barefoot touch on this wood gives a nice and firm feeling. The top of the board is made rough by special designed slots to assure great push off stability.  
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