Available soon (March 2020)

Introducing the advanced “tension” technique.  The Marine 1 and the Derover 1 have been conceived on the demand of our Motor Yacht clientele.

New concept, resistant to the harsh elements of nature. Perfect for marine, off-shore or other extreme environments but also a catch to the eye in the more residential pool.

The new “tension” system gave us the liberty to be more creative. Meet the Derover1. Both for marine and residential pool purposes. A picture tells more than a thousand words, they say.

This design has been on the drawing boards a long time. But is wasn’t until we’ve perfectioned the “tension” technique that we finally found the solution to make the Derover 1. Better than steam bending techniques or exotic compositions, using standard beams and modelling them into a distinctive shape gave us the liberty to make this board. And we know other models will be sculptured with the same techniques in the near future.

This is our recent answer for boards that are used in extreme situations. The specific tension system makes them resistant to the harsh elements of the sea. Yes this one has been designed for our motor yacht clientele. But it rapidly also found its way to the more sophisticated residential pools.

Here we use the ‘tension technique’ by which a total of 9 beams are kept together with no less than 5 diagonal tension bars made out of 316 marine stainless steel. The IPDM rubber between the beams allows the wood to work freely and the tension of the bars can easily be adapted with standard tools. The rubber strokes are a perfect replacement of the slots and give a nice touch when diving from the board.

Where would you like to sit when others dive ? Our new diving bench is intended to be installed at the deep end of your pool. Sit with your feet in the water, lay down and relax or even dive from your bench.

DESIGN Los Angeles



How it’s made

Global Bending

140214_0064_Wooden_Diving_Boards_Photo_Toddy Your Mikel Tube Wooden Diving Board can take in account the weight of the usual divers. The board can be customized so that you will enjoy the ultimate bending in relation with your personal weight.

Anti slip slots

Wooden Diving Boards art Standard your diving board is pickled and waxed. The barefoot touch on this wood gives a nice and firm feeling. The top of the board is made rough by special designed slots to assure great push off stability.  
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