We have standard 2 different heights available :

  • 8 inches or 20 cm of height
  • 12 inches or 30 cm of height
  • 8 inches or 20 cm curved bracket (only available for the OCEAN 1 model)

All brackets are made out of MS316 Marine Stainless Steel and are resistant to salt and chlorine. They are frequently used on Motor Yachts.

Mikel designs the boards on 8 inches / 20 cm brackets which keeps them accessible for children without the board creating an obstacle in the pool.

One should add approximately 3.5 inches or 8 cm to these measures in order to calculate the distance between your deck and the top of the board. In adding the distance of the water level to your deck you will have the correct measures to be compliant safety regulations.  Mikel Tube® diving boards are compliant with ANSI pool types I to IV.

Offer by breakfast

Weight 16-18 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 20,30 cm

MSS 316 Marine Stainless Steel


8 inches 20 cm, 12 inches 30 cm


8 inches 20 cm, exclusive for OCEAN 1 model


100 % MSS 316 marine stainless steel, 100 % recyclable

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