The Revelation 1 was, as the name may suggest, the first Wooden Diving Board I ever made. Since then it has become my passion to build them for you. Regardless the light design, we’ve managed to integrate the typical gentle spring in some of the models.

The R1 now is the grandmother of all our models and over generations she evolved into our classic ‘tensioned family’.

Our worldwide customers love its design and cherish wood . They appreciate the aesthetic choice of combining wood with aluminium. A precious assembly for the real wood lovers.

The Brand

A true story...

The story of Mikel Tube® starts the same as those of many others : an obsessive idea becoming a product. Created by Mikel, it grew with him. Spending hours, day and night in the workshop adjusting early concepts, finding solutions and finally creating pieces of art.

“There are a lot of beautiful products in the world. But making a piece of art, used daily, out of natural products, in respect with this nature, that is enjoyed by young and old, gives me ultimate satisfaction.”

I need no more than the smiles on their faces.                                    

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WAW This is art ! Thank you. It is really what our project needed. It matches perfectly with the pool house. My customers and for all their children love it.

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