The Queen of the second generation. Again a model that only could be designed after we mastered the tensioned techniques.  A perfect curve  at the 3/ section of the board makes this unique.  Creating a gentle step upwards and thus making the board less an obstacle in your pool when swimming lanes

Our “tensioned” techniques (stretched) consist of combining different materials in an assemblage without using glue.

  • First we carve specific beams out of selected IPE Brazilian Hardwood from the Tabebuia family.  This wood is FSC certified.
  • Then we fit 100% IPDM rubber joints precisely between the beams.
  • This is then assembled with transverse tension bars out of MS 316 Marine Stainless Steel to create a solid unity.

This selection of materials has been based on our ecological ideology to make products that are 100 recyclable.

Offer by breakfast

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 243 × 44 × 16 cm

Tensioned Family (stretched)


IPE Tabebuia FSC certified


MSS 316 Marine Stainless Steel


100 % IPDM Rubber

Bolts A

Board to Bracket : 9 wood bolts MSS 316 (Provided)

Bolts B

Bracket to Deck : 8 Thunderbolts or Concrete bolts (NOT Provided) Reason ; every deck needs a specific approach.


3 force distribution plates out of MSS 316


Recommended storage in the winter and bi-yearly oil treatment


Stiffer diving board, not a springboard


Diver of 300 LBS or 130 Kg (Resulting in 900 LBS or 400 Kg downforce)


All used materials are 100 % recyclable and non toxic


Intellectual property registration 88381-04

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