Tensioned techniques ®

Here we use the ‘tension technique’ by which a total of 9 beams are kept together with no less than 5 diagonal tension bars made out of 316 marine stainless steel.

The IPDM rubber between the beams allows the wood to work freely and the tension of the bars can easily be adapted with standard tools.

The rubber strokes are a perfect replacement of the slots and give a nice touch when diving from the board.

Distribution of forces

Tension bars

Design environments

Registration 88381-03

Wooden diving board : IPE Brazilian hardwood (FSC)

  • Length 245 cm or 96 inches 
  • Width 43 cm or 17 inches 
  • Height without bracket (Base) : 8 cm or 3.5 inches

( Since our boards are handmade the sizes can vary lightly)

Compliant with the 3 sizes of brackets : Stainless steel marine type 316
  • 10 cm or 4 inch
  • 20 cm or 8 inch
  • 30 cm or 12 inch
Available in
  • Natural brown
  • Middle brown
  • Dark brown

(Hand finished in nuances that arise along the wood, so that we do not guarantee regular colours.)

Compliant with pool types I to IV  (USA ANSI-5-2011)


Tensioned techniques®


Forest Stewardship Council



Due to the CIVID pandemic we needed to cancel the 2020 photoshoot. Images may be composed with Photoshop. Apologies

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