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As an architect you know the importance of correct execution and respect for timings and delays.We would like to have you on board so we can guide, control and correct together and our customers will stay confident.


Check on this page the different extra’s our brand can offer.

Buy one

Here you can find all the information on how you can get your board. Our specific organisation will help you make secure payments and get the best of services.

Contact : sales@woodendivingboards.com

We know that our product is encouraging counterfeiters all over the world, so we tried to coop with that problem. Not because we don’t want others to make ultimate Diving Boards.We know that our product is encouraging counterfeiters all over the world, so we tried to coop with that problem. Not because we don’t want others to make ultimate Diving Boards. We just want you be sure to have the real original Mikel Tube. MWID and secret back log are 2 of our features that provide this security.

Cover colors 2015

Find here examples of our choice for 2015. Of course, again, custom colors can be provided if we can find this in the right material.


In some regions we have managed to transfer our knowledge to a woodworker in your vicinity. Under our supervision, he will build your board for us. After production, we will send it over to your home and contact you for a last check,  finally you will get the certificate that it is a real Mikel Tube, meeting standards and guarantee qualifications. This feature was specially created for the standard boards and reduces out Ecological footprint with 87 %.


I am responsible for keeping your board undamaged while we travel on roads, in planes and over sea… It is a roller coaster and honestly, this is the first time I’m so far away from home.

Darkening of the boards

Naturally the wood used is light brown. If wanted we can threat your board so it becomes normal brown or even dark brown.


We cannot express our concern for your safety more. We are not aware of any accident involving a Mikel Tube wooden diving board, and we would like to keep it that way. In our opinion, the best way to make our customers aware of the need to be particularly cautious when using their pool and the board is this disclaimer. Here you can find a preview of the disclaimer we use. This document will be send during our manufacturing process and you will have the time to read, sign and send it back before the shipping of your board.

Discrete service

You can opt for complete discretion on your purchase. You will then only have contact with Mikel and he will ensure the save keeping of all the information you provide. Click on this heading to read more.

Diving boards for swimming pools

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The tissues used for the Taylor made covers are out of Dralon. Dralon is a special created synthetic tissue that is UV protected and gives the board enough air to make it breath and avoid moisture.

Green boards

Mikel Tube works with the finest of natural products. We think we should also find ways to preserve our environment. Next to the use of FSC wood and other responsible products, Mikel Tube Limited also deploys a specific program to reduce the ecological footprint of their boards.


Total customer satisfaction is our goal. If for any reason our customer did not receive what he was expecting we will refund your purchase after reception of the goods in good condition at our offices,  with exception of the transport fees. No discussion, you don’t like it, we’ll take it back. Looks we’re pretty sure you’ll like it !

Have one build for you

Since we make custom boards everything becomes possible, check it out here.


The installation of the board is not difficult. If wished you can contract a local installer.On demand we provide all the information you need to complete the installation of your board. The base of your board needs to be securely anchored to the deck (concrete) with no less than 8 bolts (not provided) to ensure secure and solid fixing. The board is attached to the base with 9 bolts (369) to redistribute the forces equally between board and base.

Available documents :

  • Technical data
  • Technical design with data on the base
  • Technical design and data on board regarding hang over

If you want to become a certified installer, please fill in the form here.


IPDM is a legal standard for crates used fro international shipments to and from the USA

Kids section
Limited Edition Service

Mikel still makes 200 boards personally a year, these are the limited services.


Your board will be made out selected Brazilian hard wood. Wood is a beautiful natural material that needs some attention to stay in shape. We provide guidelines to ensure you will benefit of your beautiful product for many years.

Mikel Tube

OK, lets call it merchandising … here are the lightest sunglasses in the world !

Olympic Diving Boards

Find here some information on Olympic diving boards.


We recommend the registration of our products to benefit from guarantee and extra services.

Safe Diving

The safety of our customers is very important to us. We think we can avoid accidents by conducting a severe policy of safety awareness and demand our customers to engage in this philosophy. (Disclaimer)


In order to encounter the specific demands you could have we have established different degrees of services.

Technical data

A standard board weights approximately 165 (base included) pounds and is composed out of 3 layers of wood. Visible thickness equals 1 inch, real thickness equals 3 inch.
The base is 23 inch long and height varies from 4 to 8 to 12 inches
Custom sizes are available

The Golden Bolt

In order to motivate our partners we’ve installed a yearly award for the best innovation.

Weight limits

Our boards are custom made and will encounter your weight demands only limited by standards of physics.

Wooden diving boards

We have created CRAFTERSHIP to bring an answer to the challenges we’ve encountered due to the rising interest in our products.
Now we make partnerships with woodworkers to compensate this demand.

316 Stainless Steel 

Your board will be composed out of the best and finest materials available. The base is made out of brushed 316 Marine stainless steel and is protected against Chlorine and salt water.


DESIGN Los Angeles



How it’s made

Global Bending

140214_0064_Wooden_Diving_Boards_Photo_Toddy Your Mikel Tube Wooden Diving Board can take in account the weight of the usual divers. The board can be customized so that you will enjoy the ultimate bending in relation with your personal weight.

Anti slip slots

Wooden Diving Boards art Standard your diving board is pickled and waxed. The barefoot touch on this wood gives a nice and firm feeling. The top of the board is made rough by special designed slots to assure great push off stability.  
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