This was really the icing on the cake. Probably the most beautiful diving board in the world. Thank you, great service, great product and we enjoy it every day.
Ryan B. Italy
Nice springboard! Note the dog at the end/ water mirror in the sea sunset!
Lars S. Sweden
I purchased a revolation board a few years ago (2014) and misplaced the care instructions. Can you send them to please? Thank you. Love the board
WAW This is art ! Thank you. It is really what our project needed. It matches perfectly with the pool house. My customers and for all their children love it.
When I returned on board recently I was very pleased to learn that the board we fitted was Very much in use during the course of the season. The family must still overcome their fears of using it at the second level but they are very Enthusiastic and spent nearly the whole day on it on the initiation. Also the crew is very pleased.
William R on Oceans
Captain MY
Isabelle, thank you for your prompt response, I've received all the information I need and the customer is very enthusiast. You may expect the order by the end of this week.
Lyle M. TX USA
Orders (Pool supplies)
You know you're big in LA ?
Ryan H (NY USA)
I want your logo in full width !
Françis B (Melbourne AUS)
Straight simple and beautiful.
Robert J (Belgium)

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