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The restoration of your vintage board

Some of you come to us because they had or have a vintage wooden diving board that needs to be replaced. Mostly you want the replacement board to be similar to the one you used to have.

But today Wisner & Sons or Niels ltd and others no longer exist, and the remaining producers no longer make wooden diving boards. So the option would be to restore the board or to buy a fibre glass replacement.

In the past, how hard we tried, we needed to let these projects go. 

  • Our boards are specific and they are made for the Mikel Tube® base
  • Restoring a board on distance was not an option 
  • Making a replacement board with specific attachments to the original base was a nightmare.
Was !

The Restoration Shop

Was…, because today we present a dedicated service for this. We do not pretend to be able to make an exact replica but we will assure a descent solution in respect with the original designer.

There are 3 different ways we can proceed, but know that we will always start with opening a file with an advance payment in order to cover the costs of research and design. In the past some of those particular projects lead to dead ends and we felt uncomfortable to charge on something that wouldn’t happen.

You can enter your file via our classic “configuration form”, and we’ll start from there. Please mention your quest in the form.

The Restoration Process

Once the “Configure Yours” form is received, we will contact you to have extra information and build your file accordingly.

We would like to know : 

  • The make, model, construction date and serial number if this information is available.
  • Pictures of the existing (remains off the) board and the base it is (was) mounted up.
  • Exact measurements from every angle (we have a practical sheet on this at your disposal)

When we have processed this information we will come back to you with a suggestion of our approach. If we agree on this we will start the design and invite you to make an advance payment on the project.

The proposed solution will be one of the following 3 : 

  1. We send you an empty crate and ship your board to our offices.  We then will restore the existing board or make a new one using the specifications of the old one.
  2.  We make an imitation based on the information that has been provided.
  3. We make a Mikel Tube® based model that will comply with the existing base.

Options 2 and 3 require the assistance of a local woodworker, pool builder or architect.



We always aimed to make "green" boards

In 2020 we even went further. Mikel Tube always stood for ecological justified products. 

  • The wood is FSC labelled, meaning that every tree used is ecologically and equally replaced by other trees.
  • All the products we use are recyclable and should not leave a footprint on our earth and its nature.
  • We also engage our partners to go as far as possible to respect our ecological engagement.
  • And now, certainly influenced by the worldwide awareness created by “Youth for climate” we found a solution to ban the synthetic glue we used before.

Next step will be the packaging where we still use synthetic foil…

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