The second generation. When we understood the new tensioned technique, the first board we made was a stretched version of the Revelation 1 (our motherboard…).

Our “tensioned” techniques (stretched) consist of combining different materials in an assemblage without using glue.

  • First we carve specific beams out of selected IPE Brazilian Hardwood from the Tabebuia family.  This wood is FSC certified.
  • Then we fit 100% IPDM rubber joints precisely between the beams.
  • This is then assembled with transverse tension bars out of MS 316 Marine Stainless Steel to create a solid unity.

This selection of materials has been based on our ecological ideology to make products that are 100 recyclable.

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Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 243 × 44 × 8 cm

Tensioned Family (stretched)


IPE Tabebuia FSC certified


MSS 316 Marine Stainless Steel


100 % IPDM Rubber

Bolts A

Board to Bracket : 9 wood bolts MSS 316 (Provided)

Bolts B

Bracket to Deck : 8 Thunderbolts or Concrete bolts (NOT Provided) Reason ; every deck needs a specific approach


3 force distribution plates out of MSS 316


Recommended storage in the winter and bi-yearly oil treatment


Stiffer diving board, not a springboard


Diver of 300 LBS or 130 Kg (Resulting in 900 LBS or 400 Kg downforce)


All used materials are 100 % recyclable and non toxic


Intellectual property registration 88381-03

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