This UNIQUE board is meant for DYE-HARD wood lovers !

The Revelation 1 was the first board I ever made.  Logically, at that time I did not have the  experience I have now. In the years this model has been improved and upgraded.  For example at the beginning we used glue and soon discovered that it was not the best solution for outside furniture.

I can write pages on all the changes that have been made in many years resulting in the actual product.  Security brakes, different coatings, dozens types of bolts have been tested….


But I never changed the initial basic concept of :

  • Creating an upper side composed with 3 shelves,
  • Adding 2 independent shelves to control the flex,
  • Consolidating this structure with 3 beams.

This creates a diving board with a progressive bend.

The Revelation 1 remains a straightforward concept. The way a wooden diving board should look and feel. Its minimalistic design makes it more affordable. There are no bells and whistles.     

It also needs a serious caretaker, you ?  MAINTENANCE IS KEY ! And this natural product with unavoidable inherent characteristics needs a keeper… Our other boards need less maintenance. Still, the unique Revelation 1 will always be in my model range. Love !

Nature can affect your board, or not...

We successfully replaced all glue with an ancient pen-hole assembly.  At eight different spots we integrate a wooden plate and secure it with 4 pens each. It is important to use the same species so all elements expand and retract equally.  

When the natural material is adapting to the elements of your environment, cracks between different pens will occur. This will not lead to structural damage.  Good maintenance will reduce this effect. (pictures of a 6-year old)

Without maintenance your diving board will bleach due to UV radiation. It’s your choice and a cover could limit this effect. No structural damage if you opt to let it turn grey. Regular treatment with marine wood oil is the solution. 

The same process of adapting to the new elements will lead to spaces between the different shelves composing the upper surface. Again this is not to be considered structural (unsafe) damage.

Finally, our Revelation 1 diving board is designed for one adult. With jumping or dancing  of multiple grown ups it will break and that is of course structural damage. 

For those who prefer more tranquility we have a range of extra durable wooden diving boards !

This what real wood lovers make from it, each board is several years old.

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